Cholesterol, Breastfeeding and Weaning Edition!

Lots going on in my life the last few weeks. I ordered one of those at-home cholesterol kits from CoreMedical Laboratories. I have to say: they were prompt in returning my results.

The last time I’d taken my cholesterol, my total cholesterol was 164 and my HDL (good cholesterol) was 58. All of my other numbers were great too. That was back in 2011, when I had the time to work out for an hour (or more) most days of the week.

And then, this week, I received these results: cholesterol_results


I tried not to freak out immediately. My total cholesterol had gone up 46 points and was ‘borderline’ high. But those increases were almost solely in my HDL, which had also climbed nearly 40 points.

But then I began reading. And apparently, it’s very common for pregnant and lactating women to have high cholesterol. Knowing that took some of the pressure off of me. For a lactating woman, my numbers aren’t too bad!


Which brings me to the next big event happening in our lives: weaning.


By all accounts, I’m doing really well breastfeeding. My son’s 17 months old. After a c-section and multiple days of separation after his birth, success was not looking too likely for me. I even had to ask for a pump at the hospital to try and keep my birth plans from going completely to hell.

We had mostly gotten him down to a naptime and night-time nursing session in the last few weeks. This week, we eliminated the naptime nursing session and he didn’t nurse at all yesterday. He still gets up to nurse at night sometimes, but I am doing an OK job at comforting him back to sleep in other ways.

It’s weird. I never expected to have an emotional attachment to nursing. I’m happy in some ways that this stage of our relationship is ending, as I’m excited for what’s ahead, but I’m also sad about it. There were many nights I just looked into his eyes. Not that we must suddenly stop that, but it’ll be different now. He’s growing more independent. Of course, that’s a happy thing. I don’t mourn the passage of baby things too much. I realize that I’m getting a privilege so many others don’t.

I’m hoping to have him completely weaned by June. That gives us 5 weeks of more gentle weaning. So far, there have been some rough patches and meltdowns, but overall, we’ve done OK.

I might continue pumping and donating milk until Nate turns 2. I’m undecided. I *do* eventually have to start binding and close down the factory, but we’ll see!




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